Election Day May 5


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FISD Confirms Overtaxation

Vote McConnell Campaign Finance Team - The instrument for FISD confirming overtaxation


MY PLEDGE to Teachers, Parents, Students and Taxpayers

Please watch my video about Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency - 2016 TRE

Please watch my video about FISD Teacher Support

Linda Mcconnell for Frisco School Board of Trustee Place 7

Please watch my video message to Parents, Teachers and Homeowners


Financial Platform

TRE and Taxes

I voted against the TRE.  Based on publicly available financial analysis, the TRE was a bad idea and it was a very good thing that voters rejected the plan.  The PROOF is in FISD's own published financial data.  When FISD was promoting the TRE, they projected $17 Million of budget DEFICITS in the next several years.  Did that happen?  NO!  Just two weeks after the TRE vote, FISD admitted that the just completed budget actually had a $31 Million SURPLUS.  Even more concerning is over that five year projection, FISD now forecasts an $85 MILLION SURPLUS.  Why did the existing board approve putting the TRE with it's $.13 Tax Increase on the ballot?  What diligence did they conduct to validate the Administration's financial projections?   

We need a Trustee on the Board that will ask the hard questions and not simply accept data they are given.  I will ask those hard questions!